The Real Deal Vemma Review

Published: 27th November 2009
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Vemma is a handy liquid supplement that eliminates the requirement to take yet another vitamin. It's a targeted nourishment program for people of all walks of life and you can drink it any time during the day for ultimate convenience. You only need one 2 oz serving a day to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Here are just some of the wholesome benefits the Vemma nutrition program claims to provide.

Vemma claims to alleviate symptoms, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, headaches, nausea, migraine, multiple sclerosis, bone cancer, lack of energy, general body pains, back pain, hot flashes, menopause, spider veins, adult acne, psoriasis, eczema, painful hands and fingers, tremors, weight loss, high cholesterol, depression, prostate problems, chronic prostitus, lung cancer, gulf war syndrome, thyroid problems and hepatitis c. It is not FDA approved.

have the backing of the FDA.

Vemmas main product, their Vemma juice as it were, Verve, is a healthy energy supplement juice (Mangosteen juice), and can only be obtained from network marketing representatives. You should refer to the Vemma website to get the realscoop instead of just acceptingpumped up statements from the sales reps. They do have other products including vitamin supplements. One unique aspect is that they do have a kids formula. This should interest a bigger group, particularly the stay at home Moms and Dads..

Vemma claims to be the perfect way for you to create extra income by doing something that just comes naturally -. I believe they are correct as long as marketing comes "Naturally" to you. Otherwise, the data on this company is pretty strong. There is a good number of marketers of the Vemma product that are earning six figures. This is definitely not a scheme. Some of the reps make pretty steep claims but overall they seem to be a solid company. The difference with vemma is they have tremendous product line that people fall

Here is where I see major problems, not with the products but with the marketing. The people that are making the big dollars with Vemma have done so bye already having a large following and bringing that following with them as they get started with Vemma.The largest problem I see is that these same "heavy hitters" are trainingnew people how to market like they did in the '90's Marketing has changed dramaticaly in the last 5 years and the old methods simply do not work any longer. This company teaches its reps to prospect family & friends, do home parties, buy leads and distribute brochures. This is the WRONG way to market any opportunity today.

Your achievement depends 100% upon your aptitude to advertise these products. There are two basic ways to build your Vemma business.

1) Slow.... Using the marketing and training provided by Vemma. You will make money with Vemma, but it will take you a long time using their outdated techniques.

2) FAST. You can learn how to brand yourself using both online and offline practices used today by the best Network Marketers in the world.

The sky is the limit on how large you would like to grow your business. It all depends on what you know about marketing and how intent you are on making your efforts pay off for you.

Based on my examination, Vemma is a strong, viable company with good management in place. The only problem I see again, is the marketing. Vemma you must learn how to dominate your market. Do you want to be on the stage at the next Vemma award ceremony? Do you want to be able to leave any opportunity and bring all of your team with you?

It doesn't matter at all what your personality is. What matters is that you have a clear vision, that you're willing to work, and that Now don't get me wrong, you can't be a wimp about life and succeed online in Vemma or any MLM or Direct sales company will never work for the lazy or unmotivated. I am sure you have gotten something from this article. Let me know what I can do for you and your business.

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